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Jason Bartanen Moves From I-CAR to Collision Hub

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Jason Bartanen leaves I-CAR after almost 23 years and joins Collision Hub. Jason Bartanen leaves I-CAR after almost 23 years and joins Collision Hub. Gary Ledoux



ABN: You invested time and effort into I-CAR. What was the deciding factor in making the move?


JB: Collision Hub will allow me to refocus on the technician and help them excel, and perform correct repairs. This is predicated on two factors. One, Kristen Felder knows what technicians want and need. She is always connecting with them in person or on social media. She has a good feel for the shop’s production floor as well as what goes on in the front office. Two, Collision Hub is big enough to have an effect on the industry, but small enough to be nimble when it comes to producing new products and services. Collision Hub can bring product to market very quickly. The industry is changing rapidly—we all have to run just to keep up.


ABN: What unique opportunity does Collision Hub present to you?


JB: Collision Hub will give me more opportunity and more potential to grow. It will be a chance for me to re-engage with the smaller shops that need the most help and have the fewest resources.


ABN: What is your new title at Collision Hub and what does your title entail?


JB: My new title is director of collision industry relations. On a day-to-day basis, I will be working with industry stakeholders to develop new products and services delivered through Collision Hub.


ABN: Does this mean you will be competing with I-CAR in the same space?


JB: No—I see what we will be doing as a compliment to what I-CAR does. Our training is more focused on certain areas, while I-CAR has a broader approach. Let’s face it … there are only about 8,000 I-CAR Gold Class shops out there out of 35,000 total shops. Many shops are at various levels of training and some have no training at all, so there is plenty of training to go around.


ABN: Larry Montanez of P&L Consultants and Mark Olson of Vehicle Collision Experts have each become an integral part of Collision Hub training. We see them all the time in the YouTube videos. How will your responsibilities affect them?

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