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Wednesday, 29 May 2019 13:38

Evaluating AI Tools and Applications: Tips From Tractable AI

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Additionally, shops can use AI to automate and streamline estimate writing and interactions with insurers.


“Body shops can calibrate AI to their accurate repair standards and reduce supplements and unnecessary interactions with the insurer,” according to Zifzaf. “This allows them to spend more time repairing cars and taking care of customers, instead of wasting precious time on other tasks that can be automated.”


Zifzaf said using AI photo technology for audits can reduce risk and liability “by increased compliance and standardization across estimates. As algorithms give consistent answers, it allows for consistent decisions to be made and therefore reduces risk and liability. A well calibrated and accurate AI is at the core of this.”


Tractable is not the only AI technology available on the market. CCC offers an AI photo-estimating product, and in 2017, Audatex announced its partnership with hail photo-estimating provider CSI. When it comes to evaluating which system to invest in, Zifzaf advises, “As a first step, make sure the photo-analysis system really works. Ask to upload your own photos to the system and judge the results for yourself.”


“Tractable was found in 2014 and is backed by $30M in venture capital,” said Zifzaf. “We are in production with top insurers globally and have processed over a million auto claims. Now, we are looking to engage with repair facilities on how our technology could best help them.”


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