Thursday, 18 April 2019 10:26

15 Golden Nuggets of Customer Service Success With Nancy Friedman

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Friedman rapped her next nugget, telling attendees that they can never be too busy to be nice. A business should return all phone calls and emails, no matter how busy they are; customers and potential customers deserve to be acknowledged in some way. She also identified another group of four useless words---“Hi, how are you”---that causes nothing to happen. Instead, she recommended “Good to hear from you” or “Thanks for calling.”


“Don’t use military language on civilians,” Friedman advised when discussing her next nugget. “Most of your customers aren’t going to understand shop terminology, and when you use it, you lose them. Watch who you’re talking to. If they answer you in shop jargon, you can use it, but if they question anything you say, use terms they’ll understand better.”


Next, Friedman advised attendees to be friendly before they know who the customer is.


“You never know who is calling or walking through your door. Don’t assume who someone is. Keep your smile, happiness and positive tone regardless.”


Along those same lines, Friedman warned businesses to be careful with caller ID because associates can become too comfortable using it to assume who’s on the other end of the line.


“Why take a chance?” she asked. “If you do have caller ID, there’s no reason for your customer to know---never say ‘I knew it was you,’ but you can return the call and note that you missed a call from this number. It’s a tool that can be useful, but that depends on how it’s used. Never answer with a caller’s name. Keep it professional.”


Friedman explained that effective listening is the most important sales skill and lets the customer know they and their concerns are important. She discouraged attendees from using weak, wimpy words that raise doubt, such as “just” and “think.”


She stressed, “These words reduce the effectiveness of what you’re saying. Watch out for weak, wimpy words.”


Friedman encouraged attendees to utilize their customers’ preferred method of contact and reminded everyone that excuses are useless---no one likes them.


Her penultimate nugget was people before paperwork.