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Friday, 12 April 2019 20:57

Jeff Peevy Addresses Paradigm Shifts in Industry, How They Will Affect Collision Repairers

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Jeff Peevy, chairman of the Collision Industry Conference (CIC) and president of the Automotive Management Institute (AMi) Jeff Peevy, chairman of the Collision Industry Conference (CIC) and president of the Automotive Management Institute (AMi)



Some of the common types of data being collected include event data recorders, OBD diagnostic data, location data, sensors, microphones, cameras, user recognition (fingerprints), mobile apps and telematics.


Peevy found that more than half of the 308 shops he has spoken to since becoming CIC chairman are doing nothing to protect their businesses from the exposure of the data they are generating from the scanning process and then sharing it with third-parties without permission.


“Over half didn’t even consider it might be a liability,” said Peevy. “It’s very real, and you need to protect your business.”


The issue is currently being addressed by CIC’s newly formed Data Access, Privacy and Security Committee. Peevy recommends that shops learn more the potential liability and put a data privacy agreement in place after being reviewed by a lawyer (a sample of the ASA Pre and Post-Repair Diagnostic Scan Authorization Form can be found here:


A good starting point for shops, according to Peevy, is to ask the following: Do you share data and do you know who you are sharing your data with? Do you know how they are using your data and if they are selling or distributing it to a third-party without your consent? Do you and all of your third-party partners have a data privacy agreement in place?


Growing Benefit of Attending CIC


In closing, Peevy said that with the shifts taking place in the industry and the speed they are occurring, it’s critical to increase a shop’s exposure and hear other perspectives.


“CIC is a rare and unique forum to do that, and we don’t see enough collision repairers taking advantage of it,” he said.


During the forum, he said all segments of the industry are working together to enable a complete, safe and quality repair. Everyone can come to the microphone, express an opinion, ask questions and make statements.


“If you intend to stay in the collision repair business, you need to get involved,” said Peevy. “We need your voice. Stay in the know and don’t be a victim.”


For more information about CIC and the active committees, visit

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