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Monday, 07 January 2019 22:04

The Evolving U.S. and Canada Collision Repair Marketplace: A 2017 Profile


The 13th annual white paper, A 2017 Profile of the Evolving U.S. and Canadian Collision Repair Marketplace, is now available from The Romans Group.


The four industry constructs or pillars that we identified over a decade ago, Consolidation, Contraction, Convergence, and Constructive Transformation, remain in place and are now stronger than ever. They continue to influence the collision repair industry’s long-term structural transformation within the entire auto physical damage landscape, affecting numerous dynamic macro market changes. However, the context of what they represent has evolved in ways t hat broaden their influence and impact on the future of the collision repair industry.



A summary of the current state of the four pillars underlying the continuation of the collision repair industry’s structural transformation:


▪ Slowing – strategic clusters, tuck-in platforms
▪ Segment market share continues to grow-scale matters
▪ Scale as a competitive advantage or scale is fail


▪ Stabilizing - temporary equilibrium
▪ Simple and complex alliances and partnerships
▪ Differentiation and diversification


▪ Omnipresent – moving at extreme speed
▪ Confluence of prevailing conditions driving industry transformation
▪ Repairers are at the intersection of a traditional business model and practices and the innovative, disruptive technology driving change


Constructive Transformation
▪ Long-term, multi-faceted, multi-segment integration within various auto physical damage segments
▪ More complex, slower than anticipated, integration challenges, unintentional consequences


Click here to view the full profile.

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