Thursday, 20 December 2018 15:30

Dave Luehr’s Elite Body Shop Academy Launches Operations Monthly LIVE

Dave Luehr’s Elite Body Shop Academy Operations Monthly LIVE Dave Luehr’s Elite Body Shop Academy Operations Monthly LIVE

Dave Luehr, collision repair industry expert and founder of Elite Body Shop Solutions, is excited to announce the release of the latest training from the Elite Body Shop Academy (www.elitebodyshopsolutions.com/academy).


The course, Operations Monthly LIVE, is specifically designed to help collision repairers receive interactive monthly training and support to reach their operational goals.


Dave Luehr’s Elite Body Shop Academy was created in 2018 to provide collision shop personnel modern operational, leadership and general body shop education in an easy-to-access online video format. People can sign up for free at the academy to access their own private content accounts.


“My observations lately indicate that body shop leadership and their teams work way too hard for the results they are getting.” said Luehr. “Shops that will thrive in the future desperately need a better approach. My purpose in launching Operations Monthly LIVE is to share these much‐needed operational secrets with our industry.”


Luehr is offering the first LIVECAST for free on Jan. 8, 2019, at 10 a.m. CST. During this one-hour training, he will share a simple system of operational goal-setting and execution that will help body shop executives proactively regain control and find operational success like never before.


To attend this LIVECAST, visit www.elitebodyshopsolutions.com/academy and sign up for Operations Monthly LIVE.


Those who choose to subscribe to future monthly LIVECASTs will be given an opportunity to interact live with Luehr while learning world‐class operational techniques and much‐needed leadership fundamentals. This blend of educational content will allow participants to successfully implement and sustain the operational techniques learned each month.


To learn more about how you can change your business for the better, check out www.elitebodyshopsolutions.com/academy and look for Operations Monthly LIVE or email info@elitebodyshopsolutions.com.

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