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Tuesday, 09 October 2018 21:35

Mike Anderson’s OEM Webinars Return With VW Exploration

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In the second body repair/body collision repair manual, Anderson pointed out the requirement under Electronic Control Modules.


He stated, “This supports the need for scanning. Even though VW does not have a scanning position statement, it is still in their repair procedures!”


The VW webinar continued with Anderson demonstrating how to find information on common repair procedures on erWin, such as side panels, partial sections, seat belts, new parts, contact corrosion, belt tensioners, destructive test welds and plastic repair.


Moving to the paint manual, Anderson discussed VW’s instructions on fenders, doors, bumpers, and areas where paint is not permitted.


He noted, “Matching the OEM appearance and texture is a not-included operation, but the procedures provide very clear instructions on where seam sealer should be applied. The very specific quantity of material required can be used to educate insurers for reimbursement.”


Anderson looked at the VW’s instructions on Electrical Systems, including coding the radio, procedures that require scan tools and the need to protect electrical connectors during 100 percent disassembly.


“Performing the diagnostic procedure should not be included in our scan time, as it will vary based on the amount of DTCs and the DTC itself,” Anderson stated. “It is not just pre-scans that are required. After the repairs, the procedures often call for a post-repair check.”


Under My Account, subscribers can access the erWin newsletter to learn anything new going on with VW, and Anderson encouraged users to read the newsletter regularly. If a technician cannot locate what they are seeking on erWin after exhausting their search of the repair manuals, they can reach out to VW’s technical experts directly at There’s also a support form on the website that can be utilized. Position statements are available at Anderson concluded the webinar by talking about VW’s Certified Collision Repair Facility program.


Anderson’s next webinar will be held on Oct. 18 and feature an exploration of Subaru’s website.

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