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Tuesday, 09 October 2018 21:35

Mike Anderson’s OEM Webinars Return With VW Exploration

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As soon as you open any VW document, a warning generates stating, “Repairs may only be performed by trained personnel. Please always use the special tools as listed for all repairs.” Once you select OK, the document automatically jumps to the document’s Cautions & Warnings, which must be read and agreed to before users are able to access any other part of the document. One of these warnings indicates that a scan tool must be used any time the battery is disconnected, and another warning states, “Before doing any electrical welding on vehicles equipped with anti-lock brakes (ABS), disconnect the battery negative terminal (ground strap) and the ABS control module connector.”


After reading through the Cautions & Warnings, the user must click the green OK button to confirm that they’ve read and understood these pages. Now, the document will return to the first page of that specific section of the manual. All of VW’s manuals contain their copyright mark, which is how repairers can ensure they are looking at VW’s legitimate procedures.


The table of contents contains hyperlinks to quickly take you to each section of the repair procedures. Anderson began by looking at Molded Foam Parts and noted that VW provides specific part numbers to use on certain areas of their vehicles because they’ve tested these products. The manual also warns that repairers should not weld within 15 mm of the molded foam part.


Looking at High-Strength/Highest Strength Hot Formed Body Panels, Anderson noted that this section identifies what metals are made out of by color code in the diagrams and emphasized that each vehicle must be checked every time. Anything above 980 cannot be repaired; it must be replaced, and VW will have very specific replacement guidelines on that component. Anderson also praised VW’s 3D drawings throughout their manuals.


Anderson continued exploring the body repair manual to look at requirements related to body gap dimensions and body panel dimensions. He noted that VW specifies what equipment must be used, referencing VW part numbers. While VW approves certain equipment manufacturers’ products, they do not put their names on erWin. However, this information can be found at

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