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Tuesday, 09 October 2018 21:35

Mike Anderson’s OEM Webinars Return With VW Exploration

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“This is great so you can make sure you don’t run out of your subscription,” Anderson noted.


As Anderson logged in, he observed, “One of the things that blew me away that Volkswagen does is they take safe and proper repairs very, very seriously. I don’t care if you’ve logged into erWin one time or a thousand times---the first thing you’re going to see when you log in is this little disclaimer of liability, which says ‘Use of technical information,’ and it has some warnings and some cautions that you need to be familiar with, and you will have to select OK no matter how many times you’ve logged in. So at the end of the day, Volkswagen takes safe and proper repairs very seriously.”


Anderson then looked at erWin’s search features for accessing repair procedures. He explained that you start by clicking on “Service Information” and then have three options: Guided Search allows you to find documents based on the model year, model and selected category and can be used without a VIN number; Manual Search, which is an option that Anderson discourages unless it’s the only option; and searching by VIN Number is what Anderson called “your most thorough, best search. It’s my favorite because it narrows the OEM repair procedures down to that specific VIN for me.”


Within the search, you can choose “Repair Manual” under Category 1, and then users would choose a specific area of repair under Category 2. Search results will then provide options for which manual may be accessed, and if the same manual is listed twice, it’s because there is so much content that it required a second manual, not because it’s duplicated. Users can view the PDF in their browser or download the document to their desktop to distribute in the shop, which is the option that Anderson recommends.


“Even if you download it to your desktop, it works just like you’re viewing it online,” he said.

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