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SkillsUSA Introduces Students to Skilled Trades

Written by Jordan Scott, glassBYTEs.com



“We should have a shop that’s also a school so that young people can learn to work on cars that customers bring in because this is a hands-on industry. There’s not enough training being done in the shops because there isn’t enough time for it. This industry needs people who are skilled and have talent---either you have it or you don’t---but programs like this or any programs that help get more people into the auto glass industry are needed to start ending the trade shortage,” Crowley said.


“I believe it takes a couple years of working next to another established mechanic to learn the ‘craft’ of becoming an auto glass installer. I also believe that we need more skilled labor in the workforce. These sorts of careers are an important part of a strong economic community and many of these sorts of positions have high wages. I don’t believe it is necessary to go to a traditional college to be able to get a job that pays well and offers long-term security. Tech schools are great options for career paths” Smiley-Carrique said.


The documentary is part of WorkingNation’s “Do Something Awesome” series, consisting of mini-documentaries that shine a light on programs across the country working to prepare Americans for jobs of the future.


Emmariah Holcomb contributed to this report.


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