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Body Shop Owner Designs Quality Control App for Collision Repair Industry

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On a typical day in a busy body shop, it’s not unusual for an estimator to write multiple complicated and lengthy repair estimates. 

More often than not, these are followed up with a supplement or two. Bob Caulfield experienced this first-hand while being employed as a writer at one of his brother David’s collision repair locations. 

Bob said that every line of an estimate requires a quality check prior to the final product handed to the customer. After working in the industry over the last decade, Bob found that the process to quality-checking each repair line, one by one, had become quite challenging given the day-to-day interruptions, chasing the latest estimate revisions and lack of a proper qc pallet to work from. 

About three years ago, David began working on a solution to this challenge. The goal was to take a complicated procedure and simplify it for the collision repair industry. The result was myQCiQ.com, which was introduced in late 2016 and designed to provide a standardized quality control process that any employee could use and that would work for every vehicle.

The brothers refer to it as “a new approach to quality control.” 

“In the past, many industries lacked the technology solutions to verify and record the existence and quality of the products and services they sell,” said Bob, “the QC guy” and business development manager for myQCiQ.com. 

myQCiQ.com gathers the most current repair data from a body shop’s management system and categorizes the damage into the app. Bob said the first release of the app is designed for a post-repair audit and allows body shops to quickly view, verify, track and grade the quality of the products and services sold, line by line. 

“We are improving quality one look at a time,” he said. 

The app is targeted to any person in the shop who participates in the quality inspection of a vehicle. That might be the shop owner, writer, manager, technicians or other quality control personnel. Bob said that customer care personnel are quickly adapting to the app as well.

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