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VIDEO: Tesla-Approved Body Shop Highlights Model 3 Repair

Written by Simon Alvarez, Teslarati



Tesla-certified body shop Autocraft Bodywerks based out of Austin, TX, showcased just how much work goes into repairing and restoring a damaged Tesla Model 3 in a time-lapse video posted to YouTube.

As seen in the video, workers of the body shop spent several days replacing the Model 3’s rear-quarter body panel that was damaged in an accident.

According to Autocraft Bodywerks, the process of restoring a damaged Tesla back to showroom condition takes specialized training in aluminum welding and adhesive and mechanical joining technology used in the construction of Tesla vehicles. These skillsets were highlighted in the company’s documentation of its recent Model 3 repair project, where the shop’s workers could be seen taking deliberate care in fitting, setting and painting a new body panel.

Tesla’s Model S and Model X are made almost entirely of aluminum. While aluminum has several advantages over steel, such as lighter weight, stellar absorption of energy during collisions and higher corrosion resistance, the material is also notoriously difficult to work with. Thus, Tesla requires factory training and specialized equipment before a body shop can be certified for repairs and restoration. Repair costs for the company’s vehicles are expensive as well. A Model S owner from the Tesla Motors Club forum, for example, stated that a minor damage on his vehicle’s rear passenger door was quoted $4,422 by a certified body shop. A picture of the damage can be viewed below.


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It’s not just costly repairs that are giving Tesla owners difficulties, either. Tesla owners have also dealt with long wait times for their vehicles’ repair work to be completed, especially if body panels need to be replaced. Johnny, a Model S owner, for one, described his painful “repair nightmare” story in Teslarati’s forum, stating that he had to wait months as the repair shop waited for parts to arrive from Tesla’s factory.

Repairing Tesla vehicles are set to improve soon, however. During Tesla’s 2018 Annual Shareholder Meeting, Elon Musk discussed the expansion of Tesla Service Centers and authorized body shops. Musk also stated that the company is in the process of creating Tesla body shop repair locations, which are expected to be ready by the end of June in several key locations across the United States.

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