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Thursday, 14 June 2018 18:19

The Best Body Shops' Tips: PDR Experts Share Opportunities for Paintless Dent Repair in Collision Repair

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PDR techniques allow technicians opportunities to minimize the number of steps necessary to perform a quality repair. PDR techniques allow technicians opportunities to minimize the number of steps necessary to perform a quality repair.


Over the next five to 10 years, more shops are going to rely on paintless dent repair (PDR) and it’s going to be a “must-do” to compete, according to Ryan Hampton, co-owner of The 300 Advantage. 

“PDR has always been like a young stepbrother to the collision industry,” he said. “The more PDR companies separate themselves in the industry, the more technicians are reaching out for education and trying to prepare themselves for the growing trends and technology, such as scanning and electric vehicles, that have been taking off over the last several years.”

Ryan Hampton, Bill Park and Tony Frasher, owners of The 300 Advantage, discussed PDR during a Guild 21 podcast sponsored monthly by VeriFacts Automotive. It was part two of a three-part podcast series on repair versus replace. The previous month, Kurt Lammon, president of Polyvance, and Scott McKernan, president of #1 Vinyl & Leather Repair, talked about plastic repair and interior parts. In the third podcast, Bryan Robaina, president of Robaina Direct, will discuss dent repairs on outer sheet metal and aluminum panels. 

“We see a big opportunity for innovation in the industry,” said Park. “Like Guild 21, we believe in smart repairs---fixing it right the first time.” 

The business partners began looking at opportunities available in PDR methodology, bringing it to a broader market and building a business around it. That led them to establish The 300 Advantage, a Colorado-based company that has businesses in catastrophic hail management, accident and hail repair, Cat-Hail Insurance claims management and a platform technology firm to support the various entities and the market at large. This includes Smart Claims Services, Axiom Accident & Hail Repair and PDR Mobile Solutions/PDR Boss. 

“The vision of the 300 group is to create a variety of businesses within the automotive smart repair industry worldwide,” said Park. 

During the Guild 21 podcast, George Avery, Avery Consulting LLC, led a discussion with Hampton, Park and Frasher about PDR repair, covering hail damage applications, what can be repaired using PDR, technician skills and estimating in relation to PDR. 

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