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Wednesday, 13 June 2018 20:06

NY Body Shop Sues Insurance Company, Adjusters on Behalf of Clients

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Barry’s Auto Body, located in Staten Island, NY, was established in 1986. Barry’s Auto Body, located in Staten Island, NY, was established in 1986.


Customers always lose when their vehicles are not repaired safely and properly. It puts the passengers at risk and it kills their resale value. I also believe in my heart that it is more important today than ever before for auto body shops, and really any business that deals with insurance companies, to fight for what is right. This bully-like mentality many insurance companies use to suppress labor rates and push around shops into doing improper repairs truly hurts. We also allege this particular lawsuit has misconduct by numerous insurance adjusters and independent insurance adjusters on these claims. 


With vehicles being more technologically advanced than ever before, improper repairs can throw off airbag timing and cause vehicles’ braking systems to malfunction as well. 

Shops must now have the absolute best equipment to repair these vehicles properly. The days of using cheap machinery to save costs are over because today’s cars are constantly changing and require up-to-date equipment.  

There are also additional steps necessary to repair vehicles properly. These procedures should never be compromised at the vehicle owner’s expense. 

Q: What would you like collision repairers to know about the lawsuit and these issues?

A: Insurance companies should not tell you how to repair a vehicle or how to run your business. Recent lawsuits have shown that insurance companies are not the ones ultimately responsible for repairing vehicles properly. You, as the auto body shop, are 100 percent responsible for restoring these vehicles SAFELY and PROPERLY every time. You can and may be sued for not doing safe or proper repairs. Therefore, it is up to you to make sure you are being paid properly to restore these vehicles to their pre-accident condition. I repair every car as if my own son or family member were being put into this vehicle after the repairs are completed, and SO SHOULD YOU. 

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