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Wednesday, 13 June 2018 17:42

Families File Keyless System Lawsuits After Carbon Monoxide Deaths

Written by Eric T. Chaffin, The Legal Examiner



All of the deaths associated with carbon monoxide poisoning from keyless systems have been associated with vehicles being left running in a garage. Injuries have included brain damage and death. Without a physical key to actually turn and remove, some users forget to push the button, particularly if the car’s engine is quieter, which is often the case in the newer model vehicles. 

Several years ago, the Society of Automotive Engineers called for the implementation of alerts into the car to let the driver know the engine was still running. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has proposed a federal regulation to require manufacturers to add these modifications, but nothing has been passed yet.

Families File Keyless System Lawsuits

Some automakers are voluntarily making the change. Ford’s keyless vehicles will now turn off automatically after 30 minutes of idling if the key fob is not in the vehicle. Meanwhile, families who have suffered injuries or deaths are filing lawsuits against carmakers, claiming the companies knew about the risks and failed to take appropriate action.

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