Tuesday, 24 April 2018 17:55

CARSTAR Launches New Operations, Sales Structures Across the U.S.

Regional support across the country is amping up as CARSTAR prepares to propel franchise partners into new levels of profitability.

Having always operated under a zone structure, CARSTAR has reallocated, expanded and promoted various teams and team members to better support the regions they serve. Improving the amount of touch points with its franchise partners is the objective of the realignment. These additional touch points have proven to have a direct effect on franchise profitability, as stores access their trusted point of contact as needed. 

Zone Directors and Area Managers in the operations team, focused on deploying the CARSTAR EDGE Performance Platform, will be using this propriety tool to enhance store performance. Having been in market for more than four years in the U.S., the EDGE program has proven to provide trailblazing results for its stores. EDGE is composed of tested practices that are replicable and proven to drive franchise profitability, vehicles through the facility as well as operational improvements (demonstrated through key performance indicators).

“Rewarding our tremendously hardworking team and bringing in new members allows us to better support stores, as leaders are now proportionate to the stores they serve,” said John Burns, Head of U.S. Operations, CARSTAR. “It is an exciting time for us at CARSTAR as the network is growing at an exceedingly fast rate, but now this realignment ensures our support for our stores will not waiver in the process.”

In conjunction with the operational improvements, the CARSTAR sales team, which supports insurance agreements across America, has also realigned to be closer to the operations team and more self-managing. Aimed to alleviate pressures its insurance partners may be facing, CARSTAR has installed an estimatics review team, remains committed to upholding performance-based agreements and works to ensure customers receive the same premier service at every CARSTAR location. 

“Our sales team is driven to exceed our insurance partners’ expectations, with the objective of being a total solution, by providing top-level customer service and performance metrics,” said Arlo Johnson, U.S. Vice President of Sales, CARSTAR. “Uniting the operations and sales team will ensure we continue to outperform the industry, and in turn, drive the success of our network, insurance partners and vendors.”