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Friday, 13 April 2018 18:41

Mike Anderson Presents 2nd OEM Webinar: ‘Using FCA’s Tech Authority’

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Next, Anderson and FCA’s representatives discussed Hybrid and EV precautions, such as following FCA’s procedures when arming and disarming the high voltage system and keeping the intelligent key away from the vehicle when it’s being serviced.

As the webinar drew to a close, Anderson covered the steps to take when unable to find what is being sought. Use the feedback button on; contact your local FCA dealer for help and ask them to submit an inquiry to STAR, the technical support for mechanical repairs; submit a question to “Ask I-CAR”; or go to the Ask for Help option on fielded questions throughout the webinar, but because all of the attendees’ questions could not be answered during the webinar, Collision Advice sent out a document containing responses to all attendees’ questions on April 9.


The next webinar in the series will be held on Monday, April 23 at 2 p.m. EST about Nissan’s website. Anderson’s webinar is available free of charge at

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