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Friday, 13 April 2018 18:41

Mike Anderson Presents 2nd OEM Webinar: ‘Using FCA’s Tech Authority’

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Anderson then talked about polyurethane foam removal, where he read that all NVH foam must be removed from the repair area because the material is flammable, and moving down the page, he showed that a repairer must cut an access hole to remove the foam before welding on the vehicle. Without researching this, you wouldn’t know that you needed to cut the access hole, and you could wind up with a vehicle on fire. 

Anderson also looked at non-structural sheet metal repairs to show how only specific adhesives are approved and that cure times and temperatures are also specified. In the Non-Structural Sheet Metal Repair Table, FCA specifies “DO NOT REPAIR” in regards to the Liftgate Inner Panel, and a hyperlink takes users to specific details on this requirement, which explain that magnesium is used in this component. 

“I mean this with a lot of love, but a lot of repairers confuse magnesium with aluminum, and the best way to know for sure is to research OEM repair procedures,” Anderson said.

He continued exploring FCA’s website by taking a look at Welding and Weld Bonding.

“People always ask me what I think about used quarter panels,” he said. “My opinion doesn’t mean jack. The only thing that matters is what I can prove to you from an OEM ... FCA says I can’t place a new weld in the original weld location, so I don’t see how it is humanly possible to replace a LKQ quarter panel. That will not comply with FCA’s procedures.”

Anderson continued to explore a variety of information under the Collision Information tab, including sectioning locations and procedures, corrosion protection, specifications, gap and flush dimensions, paint codes, and sealers and sound deadeners.

Moving to the Parts tab, Anderson showed how users can go to vehicle sections and sub-sections to show OEM parts diagrams. One thing that FCA’s website does that other OEM websites do not, and that Anderson finds extremely helpful, is show whether a part supersedes. 

Looking at the Wiring tab, Anderson showed how announcements are available under Wiring Application to view a variety of decision trees. One option is to call center support, which provides a toll free number for users to utilize if they are having issues, and the site also provides 3D drawings.

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