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Friday, 13 April 2018 18:41

Mike Anderson Presents 2nd OEM Webinar: ‘Using FCA’s Tech Authority’

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“If you want to get paid by an insurer, the first thing you need to do is prove something is required, and this is a great product for that,” Anderson said.

Looking at the Repair Manuals section, Anderson cautioned, “This is probably the biggest difference you’re going to see between the free website and the paid website. On the free website, while it will give you a vehicle body repair manual, none of the hyperlinks will work; it’s not interactive to other parts of the OEM repair procedures. Quite honestly, while I applaud and appreciate FCA offering this for free, I probably like the paid version better because it’s interactive.”

Anderson next looked at the Collision Video Library, which provides consumer information in regards to aftermarket parts, such as corrosion comparison, dimensional comparison, packaging comparison and Magneti Marelli radiators and A/C condensers. Anderson also shared information about FCA’s Fascia Core Return Program. Information can be found under the Collision tab on the website.

FCA’s free website also offers access to Mopar magazine, which is published quarterly with at least one collision-related article included. Anderson looked at an example about replacing a quarter panel. 

The article stated, “The most important consideration is the structural alignment of the unibody. It is critical that alignment be verified with 3D measuring systems. If alignment is off and not corrected, it will be nearly impossible to install the replacement panel correctly.”

Another website that FCA makes available at no cost is, where you can enter the year and model to see all the components used on that vehicle. One thing that Anderson found the free website did not specify was that FCA only approves wiring repairs made with their crimp tool, which has a Chrysler part number (MOPAR Part Number 05019912AA). 

“If we had not used the paid website, we would not have found this under the parts section, and that’s why we recommend using the paid site,” he said.

Moving on to FCA’s paid website,, Anderson explained that repairers have a variety of online subscription options, starting at $24.95 per day and $1,800 for a one-year subscription. 

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