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Friday, 13 April 2018 18:41

Mike Anderson Presents 2nd OEM Webinar: ‘Using FCA’s Tech Authority’

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On March 23, Mike Anderson of Collision Advice broadcasted live from the headquarters of Fiat Chrysler Automotive for the second webinar, "Using FCA’s Tech Authority," in his 2018 OEM series, “Learn to Research; Research to Learn.” 

This second session focused on “Using FCA’s Tech Authority.” Anderson was joined by Erica Schaefer and Dan Black of FCA as well as a live audience of more than 50 attendees. The webinar was created by Collision Advice in collaboration with FCA. Anderson also thanked Cieca for its contributions to the industry. 
Explaining why he decided to host these webinars, Anderson said that his annual “Who Pays for What” surveys, conducted in conjunction with the Crash Network, have led him to determine that shops are not researching OEM repair procedures 100 percent of the time, as they should be. 

Because of this, Collision Advice will be hosting a webinar with a different OEM each month to raise awareness of the resources each OEM offers to research repair procedures. He will guide attendees on a step-by-step tour of each specific OEM’s website, including log-in, areas of the website and how to improve search results. He will also demonstrate how to research some common procedures needed by collision repairers, explore the differences between an OEM scan tool and aftermarket scan tools and investigate OEM parts information and support tools. 

FCA has two different OEM websites. A free website is available at, available through A paid version is also available at On, repairers have access to position statements, publications, repair manuals and a collision video library, but this website has not been updated recently. Going to Position Statements provides the official FCA U.S. Factory Position Statements regarding sensitive procedures and parts sources, including carbon fiber repair, reconditioned wheel usage, salvage air bags or restraints, scan tool usage and much more.

The second option is Publications, which is where FCA provides the official reference guides for performing proper body repair procedures on U.S. vehicles, including paint condition guides, passive restraints replacement and inspection, plastic repair, sealer and sound deadener, sectioning and weld bonding. This also offers a supplemental restraint system and post deployment inspection and replacement matrix, which details which procedures must be performed, at a minimum, after an accident.

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