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Wednesday, 11 April 2018 21:24

Shop Owner Invents Revolutionary Repair Estimating Tool

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Justin Forkuo is the owner of 290 Auto Body, Inc. in Worcester, MA, and the creator of Crash Point Systems. Justin Forkuo is the owner of 290 Auto Body, Inc. in Worcester, MA, and the creator of Crash Point Systems.


Justin Forkuo, the owner of 290 Auto Body, Inc. in Worcester, MA, is now the proud father of a baby girl named Mia, 7 pounds, 14 ounces. Another creation he is proud of is a tool called Crash Point Systems. 

Crash Point Systems makes taking photographs for estimates and appraisals on a vehicle faster and less problematic than ever before by taking language barriers out of the process, according to Forkuo. 

“This tool provides a clear solution for the problem of taking collision photos that previously were difficult to interpret,” Forkuo said. "I first tried it here at my shop to see if my crew would embrace it, and I was surprised by how well it worked. I was looking for a better method to perform vehicle appraisals by creating a standard process for taking photographs and taking all of the guesswork out of the equation." 

Three years ago, Forkuo began looking for an uncomplicated device designed with maximum efficiency in mind. Based on a series of wands that are becoming better known as crash pointers, he devised a one-handed ambidextrous design that allows for greater mobility. The lightweight, durable plastic polymer reduces fatigue and resists wear during heavy usage. The five wands are color-coded and use known industry terms to relay accurate information to everyone involved in the repair process.

As a touch-less system, there’s no need to write or attach anything to the vehicle’s surface, thereby reducing prep work. The tool also aids those who have difficulty taking good pictures, regardless of their level of experience. 

"Most of my technicians speak some type of Spanish and their English is very limited, so that's when I started using the color-coded wands," Forkuo said. "Right away, I could see that we were saving time, because we weren't going back and forth with the insurance companies over the phone. Instead of sitting on hold, which is highly unproductive, my guys were able to keep moving and getting more down." 

The color-coded wands are simple and direct, the way Forkuo likes it. Repair is designated with the color yellow. Replace is red; Remove and Install (R&I) is green; Point of Interest (POI) and Paint are represented by the color blue. By using the system for 18 months, the crew at 290 Auto Body is communicating more effectively than ever. Forkuo's invention is stripping out language and documenting every aspect of the repair more precisely by using the wands. 

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