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Assured Performance Develops Technology to Provide Shop Accountability

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 Scott Biggs, CEO of the Assured Performance Network, recently responded to our article from last month (OE Certifications, John Eagle Case Raise Questions of Accountability) to share what his company is doing for its member shops to help ensure they don't end up like John Eagle Collision.

Assured Performance is a nonprofit consumer advocacy organization that was created specifically to assist consumers identify certified collision repair providers that meet OEM requirements to properly and safely repair the next generation of vehicles using advanced materials and technology.

Q: What did you think about the article?


A: Your article was a good call-to-action, but it really didn't offer a viable solution. Well, we have made huge strides in that regard and that's why I wanted to respond to the piece. We've made a significant investment in technology to try and give our shops the ability to control and deliver a better quality output.


Q: Tell us about the technology you've developed to add accountability and transparency for your network members.


A: Five years ago, we approached several IP companies and other tech companies to build something, and they all said no. So, years later, we decided to build it ourselves, actually hoping that some other companies would predictably try to build something better once they saw it. This year, we are finally seeing some other companies coming up with pieces of the puzzle in an attempt to emulate or improve what we're doing, and that's fine because it just feeds the need.


There are three main reasons and benefits for having this app, which we call our Quality Assurance and Control System (OE-OC). For one, if you think about the John Eagle case, how does a shop mitigate their liability exposure and avoid it from happening to them? There are shops out there right now that are scared by this landmark case and are looking around for a solution. By law, you want to make sure as a shop owner that certain things take place. First, that all your technicians are following OE repair procedures and second, that everything is documented so that you have some sort of proof if you ever end up in court. Third, shops obviously don't want re-dos, because that can cost them a fortune. If you have shoddy work going out the back of the shop, you'll have a lot of unhappy customers and DRPs as a result, so shops are already motivated to do quality work for obvious reasons.

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