Friday, 23 March 2018 23:03

Car Care Doesn’t Have To Be Taxing


Around the country, people are checking their inbox and mailbox daily, awaiting their tax return. But rather than spending that return on a night on the town, it’s smarter to invest in your second-largest investment---your vehicle---that can get you around town.

The winter months can be rough on vehicles, but it’s important to repair winter’s damage before they face the spring storms and summer sun. Cleaning your car or truck following the winter season, and prepping it for summer months can save money in the short and long term. Maaco Auto Paint and Collision Repair understands that damage from even the smallest rust spot, paint damage from corrosive materials and small dings and dents from winter accidents can cost in repairs and in the car’s value over time.


“Those little fender benders, rust spots or even the salt, sand and chemicals used on winter roads can collectively become big problems for your vehicle’s finish and value,” said Melissa Miller, Vice President of Maaco Auto Painting and Collision Repair. “Taking care of them in the early stages can prevent larger repair bills later on. And, it can protect your vehicle before the harsh summer sun worsens the issues.”

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