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Todd Tracy's 10 Ways to Avoid a $42 Million Verdict - Updated March 2018

Written by Gene Bilobram and Todd Tracy

Attorney Todd Tracy's recent lawsuit against a dealership body shop marks the start of a profound shift for collision repairers. Below is his list of 10 Ways to Avoid a $42 Million Verdict, co-authored by Gene Bilobram, who wrote "The Pre- and Post-Scan Revolution" featured in Autobody News last spring.


1) Always Follow OEM Repair Specifications


Refer to vehicle (year, make, model) and repair-specific OEM repair manual information on every repair. Follow up by seeking any OEM position statement, Technical Service Bulletin (TSB), recall or general procedure applicable to the OEM and its vehicles.


2) Always Follow I-CAR


OEM Repair Procedures do not always exist in a particular vehicle repair situation. In those cases, published I-CAR best practices should be sought out and followed to assure an industry best practices repair. After OEM procedures, always follow I-CAR.


3) Remember Who Your Customer Is


The vehicle owner and future owners will live with the consequences of the repairs you make. Keep the customer informed about the high standard of repairs the shop is striving to provide with any insurer resistance to same. It's the shop's duty to involve the customer rather than make unilateral decisions that can compromise repairs. The shop's overriding duty is to provide the safest repair available. 


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