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RecsLock 'GAS CAPP' Helps Shops Simplify the Permitting Process

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To simplify the permitting, licensing and certification process and make it easier for body shops all over the country to stay in compliance, RecsLock recently entered into a partnership with the Independent Automotive Damage Appraisers (IADA) Association.

Advances made in digital documentation have the potential to streamline permit processing, from initial application to monthly tracking. Along the way, scanner software can produce status reports and highlight any problems that might hold up the permitting process.


The new permit documentation and compliance program is called "GAS CAPP" and stands for Government Agency Synchronized via Compliance Appraisers Permit Picture program. Using this program, any document can be easily converted into a digital format, allowing shops to save time and resources. One of the ultimate goals of "GAS CAPP" is to utilize cloud-based software to produce status reports and alert users of any problems that could potentially delay or impede the process.


Staying up on body shop permits, licenses and related documentation can be a full-time job, which is why many owners or managers get frustrated by the never-ending process. However, thanks to the people at RecsLock.com in conjunction with IADA, shops and collision centers all over the country have made this process much easier by implementing "GAS CAPP.”


Dennis O'Mahoney is the Executive Vice President of IADA and a 25-year veteran of the insurance claim service industry. O'Mahoney believes that his organization's role within the "GAS CAPP" program will benefit all parties involved.


"It just makes sense for our members to act as verifiers, because they're working in these body shops every day," O'Mahoney said. "In fact, our members perform roughly 500,000 auto damage appraisals annually, on average. Many of our members are second and third-generation appraisers with over 20 years of experience, so we can provide the coverage, expertise and brand recognition to bring credibility to the GAS CAPP program. The shop owners already know us, and our members have established long-term relationships with many of them, so being involved in this type of program is a natural fit."

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