Thursday, 18 January 2018 19:59

AMi Begins Approving Articles, Videos, Podcasts for Credit

The Automotive Management Institute (AMi) announced it has begun the launch of its new "Alternate Methods of Learning," or AML, Program.


The program makes AMi credits available for reading articles, watching videos or listening to podcasts. The AML program will allow individuals pursuing an AMi certificate or designation to obtain additional elective credit hours and continue progress toward their professional achievement. Also, the individual's AMi transcript will maintain a record of the articles, videos or podcasts they have read, watched or listened to and a short quiz they will have passed to prove comprehension.


"With over 2,000 industry professionals pursuing AMi certificates or professional designations, we believe it will provide tremendous value to the industry," said AMi President Jeff Peevy. “Now the AMi professional can provide not only a record of courses they have taken, but also the AMi-approved articles, videos, and podcasts they have used to stay current or prove areas of interest or specialization."


AMi believes verifiable, role-based credentials benefit repair businesses when filling employee positions by minimizing the risk of hiring unqualified candidates. This new program takes that even further by providing additional insights into the individual's relevant educational achievements and ongoing efforts to stay up-to-date and growing.