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AkzoNobel Meeting Held in CA to Help Shops Become ‘Repairers of Choice’

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“I’m the fourth-generation owner of our facility and we’re in our 10th decade. We’ve seen a lot of changes, and we’re going to see more. I’ve looked at the other programs offered by the manufacturers in our industry, and I believe AkzoNobel is the only program that is out there with a dedicated staff to help with business development. They are not a paint rep first and talk about business development second [company]. I think that’s what is unique about what they offer through Acoat. Over the years, I’ve found the interaction with other shop owners has been very beneficial to our family business. The meetings foster ideas you probably wouldn’t have been exposed to by just staying inside your own sphere of influence that you have locally. It can force you to broaden your horizons a little bit and give you exposure to those new ideas. AkzoNobel has brought things to the table several different times that have been game-changers. They are directly focused on having people there who can help you drive your business.”

John P Stegenga Jr., vice president and co-owner of Woodcock Auto Body in Washingtonville, NY, has been studying and implementing the repair planning process with the support of AkzoNobel staff for the past few years. 

“The process has revolutionized our business. The PCE method of thinking has been the biggest game-changer for us. It is more of a journey to adapt such processes to our shop and takes years. Our decision to join the Acoat program and also our selection of a paint provider was based first on how a paint company would help grow our business through training, and second the quality of the product. Although we are focused on the best financial margins with our paint selection, we are more focused on the constant support and coaching that we receive from the AkzoNobel team and our Acoat group meeting partners. Attending the meetings two times a year gives us the time to get away from the shop to work on our business while also allowing us to spend time with like-minded shop owners [and build] strong peer relationships in a non-competitive environment. This environment allows you to open up and share numbers (confidentially) with no fear of a local competitor trying to find your secret sauce."


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