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AkzoNobel Meeting Held in CA to Help Shops Become ‘Repairers of Choice’

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The shops range in size from $70,000--$600,000 average sales per month, and the majority have more than $300,000 per month in sales. Henri Rich, senior services consultant for the east region, said the members have agreed to a charter that focuses on financial improvements. 


“The members rely on open discussions based on the topics presented, as they feel they gain the most from each other at that time,” said Rich. “All members must provide input on nearly every topic we set to ensure all opinions, issues and suggestions are heard.” He has found that the members not only have formed great relationships with one another during the meetings, but also outside of the meetings, which creates a “family effect.” Kryptonite: The Kryptonite Group consists of a mixture of shop types, including independent collision repair facilities and MSOs. 

“The Kryptonite group was started with a very forward-thinking core group of really successful collision repair professionals,” said Ryan Ross, eastern market services manager. “Because of this core group, we are able to really shape our new members’ thinking on so many provable and well-documented business solutions to help them achieve unprecedented levels of profit and sustainability.”

Ross said the open dialogue format creates a more enhanced learning environment where the members not only learn from one another, but also feel accountable for one another to achieve their individual business goals.

Platinum: The Platinum Group is composed of a large number of multi-shop operators, as well as a few single-location operators. 

“They all are above-average, progressive businesses interested in the latest best practices,” said Jim Lovejoy, services consultant. 

He said the Platinum group has always been known to prefer discussions rather than being “talked to.” 

“When Jeff Baker and I create segments for each meeting, our goal is to create more of an outline,” said Lovejoy. “We don’t try and give them all of the answers. Rather, we acknowledge that they are the experts because they are immersed in the business every day.” 

During the meetings, Lovejoy said the group focuses on financial benchmarking and robust discussions about industry topics. Members are also asked to create three action plans at the end of each meeting, and review the results at the beginning of the next meeting. 

“Most 20 group members will tell you one of their most valuable benefits is the opportunity to talk with other business owners,” said Lovejoy. “They can discuss what best practices others use, rather than have to reinvent the wheel themselves.”

RWB Group: There are several new members of the Red, White and Blue Group, which is made up of experienced independent shop owners who share best practices to improve their businesses. Jeff Rhoads, services consultant, said the group is currently focusing on building an improved culture in their respective shops. 

“Our AkzoNobel sales training leader, Adrianna Marino, spent two days with our group and helped describe culture-building techniques, including creating a purpose for employees and some autonomy in doing their job,” said Rhoads. “She also spoke to the group about recruiting new employees and effectively developing them into top performers in the business.” 


During the performance group meeting, RWB members discussed the importance of having the “right amount” of work at the shop and a method of monitoring it to improve production flow and reduce potential problems. Rhoads said RWB members conduct an in-depth goal-setting process at the end of the meeting that helps them develop their individual financial and operational goals. 

“Everyone in the group contributes to the discussion and is actively engaged in helping other group members develop a solid plan for improvement,” he said. 

Titanium: Tim Ronak, senior services consultant, said the Titanium group is the first U.S.-based national Acoat Selected performance group formed by AkzoNobel in 1992, and has been continually meeting twice annually for more than 25 years. Ronak said that collectively, they represent more than $8.5 million in monthly sales volume and approximately $102 million in annual sales. The group comprises 18 independent organizations that currently manage 30 locations and include independent shops as well as several MSO operations. 

The Titanium Group primarily focuses on using standardized benchmarking to create a platform that allows shops to identify where they can improve operationally. 

“The open discussion leads to action plans and goals that individual shops are accountable for,” said Ronak. “The real value is the peer group format that has peers act to hold individuals accountable for specific actions and management goals they have set for themselves.” 

The next AkzoNobel North American Performance meeting will be held in San Antonio, TX, March 14--16. For more information, contact your local AkzoNobel representative or distributor.