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CCC VP Discusses how Company’s Digital Solutions Meet Modern Consumer Needs

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(L to R) Mark Fincher, Jacob Ku, Brian Sinnett and Paul Schwandt at the CCC booth during the SEMA show held in Las Vegas, NV. (L to R) Mark Fincher, Jacob Ku, Brian Sinnett and Paul Schwandt at the CCC booth during the SEMA show held in Las Vegas, NV.


Over the last several months, CCC has introduced a variety of digital solutions to the collision repair industry. 

These include shop management tools such as CCC ONE Engage and CCC Direct, and the cloud-based CCC Secure Share solution. Autobody News reached out to Mark Fincher, CCC’s vice president of market solutions, to learn more about CCC’s initiatives and how the company is meeting the needs of the modern consumer.

Q: As a leading provider of software tools and technology, what is CCC’s primary client base?


A: CCC focuses on building solutions for customers in four dedicated markets, which include insurance carriers, collision repairers, parts suppliers and most recently, we’ve added auto manufacturers---OEMs. 

There are three key pieces to our business. First, is the network of stakeholders who we help connect. Next, is our single, unifying platform that seamlessly connects all of our customers with one another and the data and service providers they want to work with to drive additional and differentiated value to their business and the consumers they serve. Lastly, are our suites of market-specific solutions that help users of CCC transact. Through these connections and solutions, CCC can not only help drive process efficiency and transparency, but we also glean meaningful insights that we can deliver back to users to help them make better business decisions. 

Q: Can you give us an overview of CCC’s digital solutions? 


A: Our company’s core solution is estimating. All of our 22,000+ repair facility customers use CCC ONE estimating software at a minimum. As their businesses grow, they can add on additional modules. That’s key to the CCC ONE platform. Hence the name---CCC ONE---everything is in one place. It’s all one application, and shops can purchase multiple features based on their needs. Rather than offering a “one-size-fits-all” approach, customers have a range of options to tailor the solution to their business goals.  

They might add tools to help them manage their DRP programs with the Perform package, or the CCC ONE Repair Workflow solution that offers full management capability to manage their entire shop process. 

We recently added CCC ONE Engage, which gives shops the capability to receive appointments through our consumer-facing website www.carwise.com, and CCC Direct, repair management tools that help shop owners and managers implement and manage standard operating procedures and view the health of their business. 

Since we launched our core platform in 2008, we’ve provided client updates at least every two months and continue to enhance and expand our solution while ensuring we don’t stray from our simple and intuitive design. We continually invest in our core platform and deliver new solutions to collision repairers. Our intent is to create more efficiency, improve productivity and at the end of the day, help repairers deliver better customer service to their consumers. 

Q: How has the customer experience shaped some of your company’s initiatives? 


A: We have made significant investments to enhance the customer experience. We want to equip repairers to serve the new modern consumer. A big part of this is recognizing how customers interact with companies and have certain expectations.


Accenture has coined the term “Liquid Expectations” to describe this new phenomenon. Let me explain. A company like Amazon and a collision repair facility are two completely different businesses. However, customers start to form certain expectations of how easy it should be to do business with a specific company. Those expectations are fluid, or “liquid,” and flow over to other experiences like collision repair. 

As a result, CCC has been making significant investments over the past two years to help body shops deliver a more modern customer experience that today’s consumer expects. We believe this will add the most value to collision repairers and help them work more efficiently in their businesses.

Q: Can you tell us about some of the initiatives CCC has taken to deliver a more modern customer experience and how it will help with customer satisfaction? 


A: We’ve been doing that through tools like CCC ONE™ Touch, which we launched several years ago and is available to the majority of our customers at no additional charge. The product allows an estimator to write the estimate at the vehicle with the consumer. Since then, we’ve been expanding that functionality to allow customers to sign all their documents on a tablet once the estimate is complete. We recently added a new functionality we call CCC Direct. Estimators can now complete all the prior damage inspection on a tablet with the customer present, so documentation can be completed right at the car.

We’ve offered CCC ONE Update Plus for more than four years now. This gives a shop the capability to send text and email messages to consumers, and we continually enhance the product by providing richer experiences for the consumer. Consumers can find out more information about the shop, such as the hours of operation, directions or even click to contact their service advisor through simple links within the text or email messages. 

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