Tuesday, 01 August 2017 00:01

Auto Care Association Appoints Sheila Andrews New Director, Heavy Duty Programs

The Auto Care Association has announced the appointment of Sheila Andrews as director, heavy duty programs. The new position was created to directly apply the Auto Care Association mission statement and strategic pillars to the independent heavy duty aftermarket.


Andrews previously served as director, government affairs, Auto Care Association.


“We provide many products and services that are applicable or can easily be adapted to the heavy duty market,” said Bill Hanvey, president and CEO, Auto Care Association. “Our appointment of Sheila is a reiteration of our commitment to heavy duty. She has gained the respect and trust of the community by previously filling a dual role in government affairs and managing the Heavy Duty Distribution Association (HDDA). This experience will serve the community well as they are facing many of the same issues as automotive such as data accessibility, embedded software and trade.”


Andrews will be responsible for developing programs that respond to immediate and future needs of the industry, as well as creating strategies to help make the industry more efficient and strengthen the competitiveness of the independent heavy duty aftermarket.


“The heavy duty aftermarket has an identity that sets it apart from automotive in many ways, but all organizations in the independent aftermarket share similar threats,” said Andrews. “I look to leverage the full depth of resources from the association to benefit the heavy duty channel in addressing those threats and opportunities.”


For more information, visit autocare.org.