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NSF International Launches Certification Program to Verify Quality and Safety of Aftermarket Parts

Concerns regarding consumer safety and compromised automobile crashworthiness continue to center on the use of certain aftermarket structural parts.

NSF International announced, on Feb. 8, the launch of a new Automotive Parts Certification Program to address these concerns. The so far first-of-its-kind program verifies both the quality and performance of aftermarket structural auto parts via testing and inspections. CAPA has also recently announced a structural parts program. See that story here.

Like CAPA, NSF International is an accredited standards writer through the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). However, unlike CAPA, NSF International is also accredited by ANSI as a product certifier. As one of only 57 ANSI accredited product certification companies NSF International operates ANSI accredited product certification programs for numerous industries.

The NSF Automotive Parts Certification Program plans independent, third-party certification of steel bumpers, step bumpers, absorbers, reinforcement bars and brackets to ensure that aftermarket safety parts are available. NSF International’s certification criteria require the OEM level of performance in terms of form, fit and function, as well as the production facility’s quality systems.

The certification program was developed to counter the growing concerns that lower quality parts were being used in the automotive repair industry. Certification from an accredited third-party, such as NSF International, helps ensure that an aftermarket auto part meets rigid quality, safety and performance standards.

Reflexxion Automotive and Production Bumper Stamping, Inc. (PBSI), which manufacture Diamond Standard brand parts, are the first companies to participate in NSF International’s Automotive Parts Certification Program. The certification program includes:

* On-site inspection and approval of the manufacturing facilities’ production and quality system.

* In-plant part quality assurance requirements.

* Rigorous part testing to ensure the highest levels of performance.

* Comparison to original equipment (OE) parts across dimensional and material attributes.

* Ongoing monitoring of certified parts through quarterly facility audits.

* Random, in-market part testing.

* An ongoing process for monitoring and taking action regarding customer complaints.

* A traceability requirement that allows for an effective recall process.

* Automotive parts that complete the requirements of this NSF certification program will bear the NSF Mark.

Michael O’Neal of Diamond Standard parts stated, “The events of the last few weeks concerning crash related safety parts illustrate the glaring need for certification to assure the consumer, collision repair shop, independent distributor and insurance industry that the parts utilized for the repairs of a vehicle maintain the integrity of the original collision management system. NSF International’s 65-year history of certification, testing and inspections coupled with its extensive automotive industry experience, provides the confidence that the collision repair industry can rely on.”

"When any collision repair professional or insurance company sees the NSF Mark on an automotive part, they can be confident that the part meets the industry's highest standards,” said Bob Frayer, Director, NSF International Engineering Laboratories. “NSF Certification also allows manufacturers to demonstrate their commitment to product quality and safety."

Headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, NSF International is an American National Standards Institute (ANSI)-accredited standards writing organization. NSF International has over 1,100 automotive clients, approximately 700 employees, operates in over 120 countries worldwide, and certifies more than 275,000 products. NSF International has been providing automotive services since 1996.

Manufacturers of parts seeking information on NSF International's Automotive Parts Certification Program can visit http://www.nsf.org/media/enews/automotive_landing.asp or email autocert@nsf.org.

For information on Diamond Standard brand parts, please visit www.diamondstandardparts.com or contact Geoff Crane at geoff@diamondstandardparts.com or 901.398.5759.



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