Monday, 01 February 2010 10:10

CRA and Toby Chess To Bring Safety Message To California Lawmakers and Regulators

CRA president Lee Amaradio announced Jan. 29  that Toby Chess will work with the association in a campaign to inform key California lawmakers and regulators about the inherent risks associated with the use of certain aftermarket safety parts.

Amaradio stated, “I’m pleased that Toby Chess is willing to commit his expertise and research to improve the quality of structural repairs that affect the safety of a vehicle. The CRA has been bringing the message of safety first to lawmakers for the past three years. They’ve listened, they’ve nodded, but with a few key exceptions, they’ve voted not to change the status quo. Now it is time for action. With Toby’s help we are going to demonstrate why inferior aftermarket parts are dangerous.”


Chess added, “I am committed to protecting consumers and advancing the expertise of the collision industry in the area of safe repairs.”

CRA executive director Allen Wood stated that the CRA has already asked the Office of Insurance Commissioner Poizner to sign up for the Chess demonstration. He said that key members in the State Senate and the State Assembly and Congress would also be invited to view first-hand the structural differences between high-strength steel and inferior aftermarket metals. The Chess demonstration, in part, shows how a hacksaw is unable to cut high-strength steel while aftermarket metals easily cut.

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