Monday, 09 November 2009 10:02

Mitchell International Acquires Scene Genesis

Mitchell International, Inc. announced that it has completed the purchase of Scene Genesis. Scene Genesis is a web-based workflow and connectivity solutions provider dedicated to improving the claims handling process for insurers, independent appraisers and shops alike. Innovative products such as SceneExchange, which , which,creates a web-based marketplace that encourages open communication among all parties involved in the repair process, and SceneAccess, an end-to-end web-based solution, put efficient claims handling into action for insurers.

Ian Cunningham, CEO, Scene Genesis, said, "Mitchell's commitment to innovation and continued focused on improving the claims process for all parties involved is truly exciting. It's a great fit for Scene Genesis and its customers."

"We're proud to have Scene Genesis solutions as a part of our offerings and excited about new tools such as SceneExchange which benefit all those involved in the claim-repair shops, insurers, insureds and claimants," added Marc Brungger, Executive Vice President, Mitchell International. "We will continue to serve the needs of our combined customer base, many of whom we share in common, while expanding our current solution set with new value added options."

SceneExchange is an online community that connects shops that have the capacity to perform repairs with vehicle owners who are able to select a service provider of their choice. Shops can register to be a part of the SceneExchange network free of charge and can submit bids based on cycle time for as many repairs as they choose, helping them to increase the amount of vehicles coming through their shop for repair.

Ted James, Body Shop Manager, Cook-Whitehead Ford said, "Being a member of SceneExchange has increased the amount of appraisal requests coming through our organization by 5%. SceneExchange's core value of giving shops the opportunity to bid for jobs based on cycle times, perfectly compliments our commitment to quickly turn around high quality repairs for our customers. And since, potential customers are able to see reviews of the quality work we provide from people who have actually had a personal experience with us, the feedback is that much more powerful."