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Friday, 07 August 2009 07:29

New Website Helps Steer 6 Million Car Crash Victims to Speedy Recovery

In the wake of reduced claims and stiffer premiums required by auto insurance companies, not to mention unsatisfied attorney clients, a free new website has launched to educate consumers on the accident recovery process, including do-it-yourself techniques, settlement tips, and when to hire an attorney.

It used to be the only way to combat stingy insurance companies was to hire an attorney. Today, with the launch of CarCrashAssist.com, consumers have a new resource to help them navigate the complex auto accident process, which affects some 6 million Americans every year, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation.

As its name implies, CarCrashAssist.com features free information for drivers and accident victims seeking advice on insurance readiness, claim negotiation, and recovery strategies. New material is published three times a week and authored by a team of insiders who have worked extensively with attorneys and auto insurance companies over the years to expedite the settlement of claims.

"The idea for CarCrashAssist.com came after helping a relative last year settle a claim on their own behalf, without incurring the cost of hiring an attorney," says site co-founder Mark Ormond. "Since most people only make one injury claim in their lifetime, insurance companies and attorneys used to be the only ones with the necessary information to obtain a fair settlement. With the launch of CarCrashAssist.com, that's no longer the case."

In addition to revealing well-guarded information, CarCrashAssist.com helps accident victims decide if they can settle a claim on their own or require the aid of an attorney. This is done using the website's free Crash Evaluator™, which analyzes 11 user inputs to approximate the seriousness of an accident, before making a general recommendation based on similar cases. Since the questionnaire doesn't take into account the specifics of an accident, all recommendations are subject to the discretion of the user.

In the likelihood of a serious accident, the Evaluator recommends (and optionally refers) the victim to an attorney. When it appears that a claim is less serious but still valid and negotiable, the Evaluator proposes the consideration of self-representation, without having to incur costly attorney fees.

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