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Monday, 12 December 2016 22:15

CREF Seeks Year-End Product Donations, Safety Kit Sponsorship

The Collision Repair Education Foundation is requesting year-end in-kind donations of products, tools, equipment and spare parts that will be distributed to high school and college collision school programs.

These tax-deductible donations will provide a great start to the spring school semesters during a time when instructors are facing limited program budgets and expected to graduate well-trained and productive entry-level staff for industry employment.


Another year-end opportunity for support includes companies sponsoring student safety kits for local high school and college collision programs. For $50 per student, each safety kit includes a Cintas work shirt, work pants, safety glasses, ear plugs, and a disposable dust mask. Companies that sponsor at least (10) safety kits will have their corporate logo added to the work shirts, that the students would proudly wear around the school and local community. The Collision Repair Education Foundation would arrange a time for the sponsoring companies to present the safety kits to the local collision school students when they begin their spring school semester after the New Year.


Collision Repair Education Foundation director of development Brandon Eckenrode noted, “The holidays would come early to collision school instructors with local industry companies donating products, tools, equipment, and spare parts for their programs. Also, we have heard that the student safety kits transformed both the professional appearance and attitudes of the collision students as they look and feel like working professionals within the industry. Plus, as companies can sponsor these safety kits for collision school programs near them, they can directly see how their support is making a difference and can personally hand these kits out to the students at the beginning of the spring semester. We invite the industry to help the Education Foundation end the year on a strong note and getting in contact with us on either of these two year-end opportunities.”


Industry members interested in making year-end product donations and/or sponsoring collision student safety kits for local high school and college collision school programs should contact Eckenrode at Brandon.Eckenrode@ed-foundation.org or (847) 463-5244.

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