Wednesday, 17 June 2009 09:10

Audatex' 'Directions' focuses on Asian Cars

Audatex North America, Inc. has released the latest quarterly volume of its industry trends publication, Audatex Directions. This issue’s feature article examines the increase in share of Asian vehicles and their impact on average repair costs.

The article’s key findings, produced with the company’s business intelligence software Audatex Insight, show an average of $75 higher costs to repair Asian vehicles over domestic vehicles. Several reasons for the higher costs are cited, including the fact that Asian vehicles are typically one model year newer and have 12,000 fewer miles, have higher Actual Cash Values (ACVs), and are 22 per cent less likely to be declared a total loss after a collision.

The Audatex data goes deeper to show that Asian vehicles, on average, require 1.8 more labour hours than domestic damaged vehicles.

“Given the economic state of both consumers and U.S. automakers, it’s important to explore the repair trends and data on Asian vehicles, which outsold American automakers for the first time beginning in 2008,” said John Kotsopoulos, managing director for Audatex North America. The figures we are seeing are important for consumers, insurers and collision repairers alike.”

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For a free copy of Audatex Directions, please visit the Audatex Web site.