Wednesday, 03 September 2008 15:24

Demand for skilled auto techs high

Grease monkey mechanics at the local garage are long gone.

Today's cars are complex machines run by sophisticated computer systems. And the people who fix those cars are highly trained, high-tech savvy automotive technicians.

Indeed, the demand for automotive technicians has never been greater.

Vehicle repair shops across the country are racing to scoop up qualified automotive technicians.

Estimates reveal the auto industry will need 35,000 new technicians every year through 2010, thanks to the increasing number of cars on the road. Government economists expect jobs for automotive service technicians and mechanics to grow faster than the average for all careers through 2016.

Car makers have improved cars, making them less likely to break down. However, the number of cars on the road keeps increasing. And all of those cars will be brought into a garage at some point. For an aspiring automotive technician, education is the key. Indeed, a new breed of technicians is being trained to enter the workforce. Automotive technology programs exist across the country to specifically teach students how to diagnose, service, and repair domestic and foreign cars and offer undergraduate degrees, diplomas and certificate programs. So, if you love working on vehicles, you may find a great, fulfilling career in auto repair. Auto repair can lead to many different opportunities, including becoming a certified technician, body technician or owning an automotive repair shop. Many automotive technicians now specialize in a particular area, such as air-conditioning, transmission, brakes, or many even work on NASCAR teams and pit crews! Interested in a career in automotive technology? Visit www.uticorp.com to get on the fast track today.

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