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Monday, 08 August 2016 14:42

‘Counting Cars’ and Matrix Automotive Team Up for 6th Season

‘Counting Cars’ and Matrix Automotive Team Up for 6th Season

Matrix® Automotive Finishes, a brand of Valspar Automotive, is the official automotive paint brand for the sixth straight season of “Counting Cars,” History’s reality TV series that profiles the transformation of run-down beaters into custom hot rods.

Matrix products are used in creating all of the masterpieces that exit Danny “The Count” Koker’s custom refinish shop in Las Vegas during each episode.

“Our history with Count’s Kustoms goes way back... long before they were famous,” says Laura Yerkey, Valspar Automotive director of marketing in the Americas. “Danny’s shop and specialty painter Ryan Evans have been using Matrix for more than a decade. They’re genuinely loyal to the brand and continually create world-renown paint jobs with Matrix. There’s truly no greater testament to the product’s capabilities and proven performance.”

Season 6 of Counting Cars marks another strong year for Matrix on and off the air, Yerkey said, with continued product innovation and an upcoming campaign that recognizes the industry’s best with a spray gun — Evans included. According to the company, Evans was instrumental in bringing Matrix to the shop five seasons ago. “I’ve used just about every manufacturer’s paint,” said Evans. “Sixteen years ago, at Count’s Kustoms, we were lost. We didn’t know who to use. We used this company’s base, that company’s primer, and another company’s clear. Nobody wants to do that. Everybody really wants to work with one system because they’re all made to go with each other.”

Evans became a believer in Matrix as he was introduced to the product lineup, starting with clearcoats. “As time went on,” Evans recalled, “they started bringing me basecoats and again knocked it out of the park. Their sealers, same thing. This was starting to really build into a solid system from bare metal up. Then I saw their custom colors and was blown away. Matrix literally can you make anything you want... candies, pearls, multi-layer tri-stages. Finally I found that complete system that covers everything, and that’s Matrix.”

The new season of Counting Cars kicked off July 5. Catch new episodes every Tuesday on History™ at 9/8c.

For more information, visit http://matrixsystem.com.