Monday, 11 August 2008 02:57

State Farm No Longer Writing “Rear Clips”

George Avery, Claims Consultant for State Farm, has announced that "The growing complexity of newer vehicle construction technology, specifically the increasing use of exotic metal alloys and steel" means the nation’s biggest auto insurer will no longer write estimates for full rear-body sectioning. Previously, the procedure would only be approved if the shop and the vehicle owner agreed to do so.

State Farm's policy now says: If claim personnel encounter repairers bidding for full rear-body sectioning, we will inform the repairer and vehicle owner of our position and explain our willingness to pay for traditional individual component replacement methods. However, if a repair facility elects to perform a full rear-body section and the customer agrees and authorizes repair, we will make payment accordingly.” 

“This change did not happen overnight, we have been slowly moving in this direction for a couple of years and this new position is just one more step in the same direction,” Avery noted.  State Farm considers this repair method “less feasible on newer model vehicles… We recognize that special or alternative metals used in the construction of some vehicles may affect the ability to perform this type of repair.

Avery indicated that shops should no longer see a full-body sectioning procedure specified on any State Farm written estimate, and if they do, the shop may report that to their local State Farm management who has already been informed of this policy change.