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Thursday, 18 August 2016 19:10

Auto Care Association Completes Segment Community Rebranding

The Auto Care Association has completed the final phase of its internal rebranding initiative with the alignment, redesign, and in some cases, renaming of its segment communities.

As a result, the 11 distinct communities that represent various segments and professional groups in the industry operating under the association umbrella portray a unified and consistent appearance that reinforces the association’s overall rebranding.

“Our segment communities provide the framework that supports the association – the mothership,” said Bill Hanvey, president and CEO, Auto Care Association. “Now, each of these communities displays a brand aesthetic and cohesion that offers a clear visual connection between the association and all segment communities.”

In 2014, the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association changed its name to the Auto Care Association. Building on the success and widespread acceptance of the rebranding initiative, each segment community has undergone an evaluation of its value proposition, name, logo and tagline to collectively align their respective relationships with one another and with the association.

“During the research phase of the rebranding process, we learned that the inconsistency in names, logos, fonts, colors and taglines, and lack of connection to the Auto Care Association was confusing and obscured the size and scope of our industry, thus presenting a roadblock to raising the profile among stakeholders, for both the industry and the association that represents it,” said Hanvey. “Now the consistency between segment communities, from their comprehensive mission statements and now their look/feel, illustrates how the association truly represents the entire industry as a collective whole.”

The segment communities include:
Automotive Content Professionals Network
Automotive Electric Association
Automotive Warehouse Distributors Association
Car Care Professionals Network
HDDA: Heavy Duty
Import Vehicle Community
Manufacturers’ Representatives
Paint, Body and Equipment Specialists
Tool and Equipment
Upholstery and Trim International
Young Auto Care Network Group

For more information, visit www.autocare.org/segmentcommunities.