Saturday, 02 August 2008 11:52

APN Approves Expanding Co-op

The Assured Performance Network (APN) Board of Directors, comprised of 14 leading shop owners across the U.S., has approved the expansion of their co-op with dozens of new vendors, and as many as 200 qualified shops in 100 Metropolitan market areas. The co-op can now triple in size with additional shops and vendors. 

    APN can now finalize agreements with 27 new vendors who have applied to become Preferred Vendors and offer their products to Assured Performance Co-op members with special deals and incentive rebates. They will also continue their explosive growth by adding more qualified shops in metro market areas. The decision allows Assured Performance Co-op members to have multiple choices in the various brands of materials and shop products they need to be competitive.
    Established in 2004, the co-op focused on representing best in class independently-owned shops. By the end of 2007, Assured Performance grew to represent the largest buying group in the collision repair industry with over 3,500 total Members representing a collective buying power of nearly $4.2 Billion in all products and parts purchases.
    Their market share is nearly 34% or twice as large as the largest auto insurance company or about the same as the top 3 carriers combined. APN shops must maintain top credit ratings (A and B credit rating only) with an average of over 28 years in business, and nearly $2.5 million in average annual gross sales. All shops must also comply with 72 other qualifying standards including licenses, permits, tools, equipment, training, facilities, payment terms and more.
    “The Co-op is now operating just as it was designed. These new leading product manufacturers and vendors are hungry to grow. This enables us to provide our Members with the pricing and quality products they need to be competitive and profitable,” stated Scott Biggs, founder, CEO and chairman of the Board.
    “The reward for our Preferred Vendors is that they can reach a huge buying group of the best shop buyers in highly efficient ways never before possible.”
    For more information on the APN,  visit: www.AssuredPerformance.net and www.BodyShopBuying.com or call 949-221-0088.