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Friday, 24 June 2016 21:45

The “Next Generation of AMi” Launches

The Automotive Management Institute (AMi) has announced the launch of the “next generation of AMi.”

This includes six new front office and management certificates and professional designations as well as access to over 100 online courses, career paths, a new website, and an online Learning Management System. The new online course offerings include content from industry professionals such as Mike Anderson, Mark Claypool, Michael Graham, Frank LaViola, Jeremy O’Neal, Frank Terlep and others.

“The new AMi represents over a year of soliciting, organizing, and prioritizing industry feedback to ensure we offer the most relevant professional designations, career paths and overall management educational support possible,” stated Jeff Peevy, AMi president. “For example, we heard clearly from business owners and managers the need to offer career paths for their front office staff.”

The company now offers Customer Service Certificates and Professional Designations for Office Manager, General Manager and Master General Manager, specifically for Collision Repair and Mechanical Service Repair segments of the automotive industry. According to AMi, each level of recognition is a step toward the next level, building a clear professional development pathway, and will provide the necessary training to improve operational performance.

Additionally, the next generation of AMi now provides a suite of learning support tools. "Our new core belief is that knowledge equals competitiveness; learning, then, is the only source of a sustainable, competitive advantage,” Peevy said. Acting upon this belief, AMi will provide a free program to identify personal learning style and an industry Training Provider Directory. The Training Provider Directory provides a searchable database of Management and Technical training for both Collision Repair and Mechanical Service Repair segments. The directory currently has 98 participating training providers, and AMi encourages others to join.

For more information, visit www.AMionline.org.

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