Friday, 06 June 2008 06:46

Anti-Steering Video Public Service Announcement: Now Available to SCRS Affiliate Associations

A broadcast quality video public service announcement (PSA) informing consumers of the illegality of insurance company steering, is being made available by the Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS) to its affiliate associations.

The 30-second spots were developed by Ozone Advertising, Design and Strategy, a San Francisco Bay Area firm. Developed to be aired on local television stations, the videos can be customized to include information specific to each association, including branding and related material such as member shop footage-a market-specific approach that serves to raise consumer awareness.


The videos were brought to the attention of SCRS by the California Autobody Association (CAA), itself an SCRS affiliate. CAA has had great success getting the PSA aired on local television for free, which is extremely important given that last year's SCRS survey conducted by CSi Complete which identified steering as the number one issue adversely affecting the collision repair industry. The commercial makes it clear to the viewer that body and paint work does not have to be done at a shop authorized by the insurance company, yet it does so in an entertaining way.

Because Ozone Advertising can leverage the production costs for the content it has created across its association client base, and only has to cut in the audio and visuals that relate to a specific association, the firm has been able to keep the purchase price reasonable; thus making it even more attractive for potential buyers.

"We hope that our affiliates take advantage of this tremendous opportunity by using this commercial to both raise their profile and educate consumers in their respective states," says SCRS Executive Director Dan Risley. "I'd also like to thank CAA and their Executive Director David McClune for helping us make this product available. It shows again that 'Working Together Is the Most Important Work We Do'."

Those interested in obtaining the PSA can contact Dan Risley at (708) 598-3384, or by email danrisley@scrs.com. If you are interested in viewing the clip itself, it may be accessed from http://ozoneads.com/work_tv_autobody.html.