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Wednesday, 01 June 2016 21:54

CAWA and Auto Care Association Partner on Industry Job Board

The Auto Care Association and CAWA have partnered to support the Industry Job Board by offering its access at www.cawa.org/jobs.aspx.

The website includes access to the job board network where CAWA member companies can post openings and job seekers can upload their resume and apply for positions, as well as a link to the Auto Care Careers website, www.autocarecareers.org, for information on starting a career in the auto care industry.

“CAWA has made a commitment to assist its membership in the recruitment of quality individuals to the auto care industry by awarding scholarships, promoting the Young Auto Care Network Group (YANG) and supporting an industry-specific job board for employers and individuals seeking careers in the industry,” said Rodney Pierini, president and CEO, CAWA. “We believe this is the cornerstone to our future efforts and we will build upon them on behalf of the association’s membership and for the betterment of the auto care industry.”

Bill Hanvey, president and CEO of the Auto Care Association, said, “The Auto Care Association is committed to creating an industry-wide recruitment initiative that makes us stand out as a dynamic, exciting and tech-savvy industry that is recruiting top talent. We encourage partnerships on the Industry Job Board, no matter what the size of the organization, to help unify our message to job seekers.”

For more information, visit www.autocarecareers.org, or contact Courtney Hammer at courtney.hammer@autocare.org or (301) 654-6664.