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Wednesday, 01 June 2016 17:53

Roberlo Releases Three New Putties

roberlo putty


Roberlo has overhauled their Soft, Multi, and Glazing putty lines, creating three new products for the refinish market.

Plus 36 is a filler putty from Roberlo's Soft line. According to the company, Plus 36 has great performance from a hardness point of view, allowing for easy sanding and better adhesion than conventional Soft putties.

Multi 10 is an extra fine grain multifunction putty. As a result of its creation, Roberlo has removed the Multi 8000 from its catalogue and now offers this new product with full guarantees.

According to Roberlo, Robflow, an ultra-light fluid putty designed for repairing small impacts or covering other surface imperfections, was conceived to complete, together with their existing body fillers, the range of putties mostly used in the Anglo-Saxon markets.

These three products follow the launch of two additional putties: the Resin Glass and the Multiplast, designed to replace older products in the Roberlo catalogue.

The company's latest products were on display when Roberlo exhibited at Automechanika Dubai, the largest international trade fair for automotive accessories in the Middle East. The three-day event took place from May 8-10 at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

For more information on Roberlo's complete line of products, visit http://en.roberlo.com/.

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