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Wednesday, 01 June 2016 17:50

CREF Launches Successful Pilot of Collision Student Resume Database

To continue and enhance their efforts to help connect high school and college collision students with industry employers, the Collision Repair Education Foundation (CREF) has announced the successful launch of their high school and college online collision student resume database.

According to CREF, as many collision students across the country do not have the ability to attend the foundation's physical career fair events, the collision student resume database was built and piloted to reach high school and college collision students who are seeking full-time, part-time, or internship industry positions. More than 200 students from around the country submitted their contact and resume information. The database will be provided to CREF's donors for follow-up and employment consideration.

CREF director of development Brandon Eckenrode said, “We are very pleased with our initial pilot of the collision student resume database and this will be an ongoing effort at the end of each school semester to gather the contact information for those students seeking industry employment. We will then be sharing this information with our donors as a thank you for their continued support as we work towards assisting collision school programs and their ability to graduate quality, productive, and efficient entry-level staff ready for employment.”

At the end of each fall and spring semester, students seeking industry employment will have the opportunity to submit their information to the database. CREF will work towards tracking the number of students who are hired by the industry and anticipates greater student participation with the database in the future.

Companies looking to gain access to the collision student resume database and join CREF in supporting high school and college collision school programs should contact Brandon Eckenrode at (847) 463-5244 or Brandon.Eckenrode@ed-foundation.org.

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