Friday, 13 May 2016 22:59

Ford® Approves Two U-POL® Aerosols for Body Shops and Dealerships

ACID AL Aerosol 450ml

Ford Motor Company’s Toxicology and Environmental Quality Office has approved the use of U-POL ACID#8™ and GRIP#4™ aerosols in any of their facilities—manufacturing, design and body shops. The official identity of U-POL in the Ford GSDB (Global Supplier Data Base) is AJR6A.

ACID#8 Acid Etch Primer promotes paint adhesion and corrosion protection to difficult substrates, like galvanized steel and aluminium. The company said ACID#8 offers superior adhesion and fast drying properties, making it ideal for bare metal areas prior to application of primers and top coats. (U-POL Part UP0741V, Ford Part 196377.

GRIP#4 Universal Adhesion Promoter is an all-in-one adhesion promoter for paints, adhesives and sealants. The company said it promotes proper adhesion on all automotive surfaces, from plastics to aluminum to painted surfaces. (U-POL Part UP0799, Ford Part 19642

“We are very proud to hear that Ford confirmed what we already knew. U-POL products are made to the highest quality standards and designed to save the professional time and money,” said Mike Sanders, VP, U-POL, North America.

To learn about these and other quality automotive products, visit U-POL at www.u-pol.com