Friday, 13 May 2016 22:42

Motor Guard Introduces Aluminum Spot Repair Tool

Motor Guard

After pioneering the use of soft abrasive technology for conventional steel auto body repair, Motor Guard has turned to the challenge of aluminum body repair. The new Magna-Stripper ALTM System (Model E-6100S) is a soft, abrasive wheel that has been specially formulated to strip aluminum without heat, distortion or damage. The company said the E-6100S quickly strips clear coats, base coats, primer coats, or all three, leaving the base metal clean, bright and ready for repair and refinishing.

“The soft, resilient compound is impregnated with a special abrasive, absorbing the heat and leaving the aluminum panel like new,” said a representative from Motor Guard. “Technicians report that the Magna-Stripper ALTM feathers like no other method. It has also proven to be an extremely valuable tool for spot repair of alloy wheels.”

The Magna-Stripper ALTM ships with universal hardware to fit all popular air and electric tools and is made in the USA.

For more information, visit www.motorguard.com/home.html