Friday, 13 May 2016 20:58

Ultravent - INDASA's New Multi-Hole System

Building on 36 years of experience in the development of highly advance coated abrasives, INDASA presented a new multi-hole technology to the market—the Ultravent system. The company said the Ultravent system aims at establishing new standards in the industry and at boosting productivity in body shops. 

Ultravent is more than just a multi-hole system applied to INDASA Rhynogrip discs. The Ultravent system combines abrasive discs with interface pad and an innovative backing pad that utilizes patented vent channels that maximize air flow.

Together, these three elements make the most powerful integrated vacuum sanding system, according to the company.

With a 57-hole configuration in finer grits (P220 to P2000) and 21 holes in coarser grit (P80 to P180), Ultravent abrasive discs are available in the Film Line, HT Line and Plus Line, always with a 150mm (6 inch) diameter grip system.

The Ultravent system can still be completed with the INDASA’s Dust Extraction Unit and Orbital sander.

For more information, visit www.indasa-abrasives.com/global/en

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