Thursday, 28 April 2016 16:59

CAPA to Form Foundation of Chinese Standards for Aftermarket Automotive Parts

The Certified Automotive Parts Association announced that it is making its standards available to the China Automobile Maintenance Industry Association (CAMRA), the organization at the forefront of the aftermarket part certification initiative in China.

As the technical partner of CAPA, Intertek is actively working with CAMRA as a member of its technical committee, to draft standards for the China domestic market. Intertek is providing assistance with the CAPA Standards, and combining them with applicable Chinese specifications, standards regulations.

“CAPA is looking forward to sharing its expertise in part certification with Chinese agencies and organizations looking to improve and validate the quality of auto parts for both the Chinese domestic and export markets,” said Jack Gillis, CAPA’s Executive Director. “Because of the worldwide acceptance of the CAPA program, CAPA Certification for Chinese parts will greatly expand their international marketability,” said Debbie Klouser, CAPA’s Director of Operations.

“CAPA’s vision and openness is greatly appreciated by the Chinese aftermarket industry,” said Mr. Wei, General Secretary for CAMRA.  The use of ‘matching quality’ parts became a viable option for the Chinese market when regulations opened the market for independently produced, certified parts.

For more information, see www.CAPAcertified.org or contact Deborah G. Klouser, Director of Operations, by phone 202-737-2212 or by email debbie@CAPAcertified.org.